"Numbers don't lie."

Knowing the market makes all the difference.

To obtain maximum results, RT prides itself on purpose built advertising. Its crafted work and is molded by a wealth of industry knowledge that delivers a powerful return for each and every client.


"Happy to hear it"

Our references delivered word of mouth.

Chances are someone you know has suggested you check us out. How do we know that?... well 100% of our clients have been referred to us. It's probably a record, but rather than brag about it we’re just very privileged they have decided to stay and grow with us... their success is our success.


"We'll make it happen."

Multi-disciplined, set for any scenario.

The advertising landscape is no cookie-cutter world. TV for Kodak in Tasmania, print for Stihl in South Australia or a home builder launch into Western Australia, no two clients are the same. RT has and will answer the challenge, no matter the budget – quality personal service guaranteed.



Have a gaze through our site, we hope it gives you an insight to our passion for effective use of today's exciting marketing potentials.

As every business or organisation is unique, we encourage you to share your company's vision with us.


What we do

RT Advertising allows you to focus on your business while we take care of:

  • Press
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Online
  • You name it... we even have wholesale printing facilities on hand for express or high end work

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tel.: 08 9225 4660
fax.: 08 9225 4667

RT Advertising
9 Arden Street, East Perth WA 6004


A few words on RT Advertising

Uniquely positioned and with a speciality in retail, RT Advertising taps into the full spectrum of advertising to effectively deliver increased sales and market exposure. With strong media buying ability and insight we are able to offer the best return per dollar spent. As some would say "a bigger bang for your buck".

Of course, we may not suit everyone. And that's fine. What is important to us is that a client never becomes just another number. We have grown over the years with our clients - not past them. Building solid relationships, five, ten or fifteen years strong - that's what we are all about.

Our approach

Step one is getting to know you and your business. We like hearing all about goals, ambition and desire. Learning these honest things about you allows us to properly understand how to position you in your market.

Coming up with all the possibilities, that’s the fun part. It's the time we sit down and go over all the wonderful ways we can make you stand out. Next is to crunch the numbers and determine the personality of your business. This is where our decades of experience will pay off!

When the ink has dried and the idea has been sent forth it's time to monitor effectiveness. With the best feedback coming from you, together we will look to achieving greater heights.


Contact Information

RT Advertising
9 Arden Street, East Perth WA 6004

phone: 08 9225 4660
fax: 08 9225 4667